Thursday, 1 March 2012

When I got home today I spewed out a list of things I hate about work

Photocopiers, stationery cupboards, headed paper, staples and paperclips, printers and paper-jams, in-trays and pigeonholes, swivel chairs and cheap carpeting that gives you electric shocks, hand-dryers and cheap liquid soap, microwaves in the communal kitchen and signs that say 'PLEASE WASH UP YOUR MUGS AFTER YOU USE THEM' and tupperware in the fridge, pens and pen on your hands, emails and attachments and the Intranet and 'shared areas' and USBs, computer log-ins, access codes for the doors, ID cards to swipe you in and out, regulated centralised heating and air-conditioning and fluorescent lighting and eating your lunch in front of your computer. 

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